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Carnelian Wrap -
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Carnelian Wrap

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P R O D U C T  I N F O R M A T I O N

 Each scarf is approximately 106" long and 18" wide

This scarf is two-toned, meaning one side of the scarf is slightly more yellow/orange and brushed and the other side is more red (see close up of fabric for reference)

The edges are finished with a trim called grosgrain that is made from wood pulp, a naturally occurring cellulose based raw material

Dyed with non-toxic dye

Made in Los Angeles, CA


F A B R I C A T I O N  &  C A R E  I N S T R U C T I O N S 


100% Virgin Wool

For longest garment life: dry clean OR hand wash cold, lay flat to dry*

hand wash cold / dry clean okay / do not bleach / do not tumble dry / iron low temp / do not wring out

* you will find that you will almost never need to wash (read MATERIALS section above to see why!)


S I Z E  G U I D E

 One size fits all

Each scarf is approximately 106" long and 18" wide


C O N C E P T 

The CARNELIAN WRAP is an oversized scarf that is meant to reveal your bold eloquence, which is inherent in every being. This wrap was brought to life with the intention of heightening a spontaneous, playful spirit; easing tension; and increasing energy circulation to your center, where your creative instincts live. It is meant to be a warm and vibrant companion guiding you towards embracing both fear and courage. And it is worn to stimulate motivation, endurance, leadership, and purpose. The Carnelian wrap serves as a catalyst to unlock what is already inside of you. And every time it is whisked across your heart and over your shoulder, you are reminded to embrace your fiery intuition.

The wrap possesses many beautiful colors up close — yellows, reds, and oranges — and just like a Monet painting, it takes on a whole other feeling once you step back. The combination of color was chosen carefully as color is known to have a great impact on us. Many studies within the field of psychology and color theory have been made to prove so. This particular color is a similar color to the Carnelian stone and has similar qualities to what is described above.

Regardless of belief or science or any of the above however, it is the reminder of our thoughts and intentions that possess more power than we know and that in itself can carry us a long way.


M A T E R I A L - V I R G I N  W O O L

After a thorough investigation on the sustainability and ethical implications of working with wool, both virgin and recycled, we are so very proud to introduce a virgin wool.

Why did we choose wool? Virgin wool is stronger, higher quality, softer, and lasts longer in your wardrobe than recycled wool. It also has an established closed loop recycling route as it is able to be recycled for more utilitarian uses. And even if it is not recycled, it is naturally compostable and biodegradable. It has properties of being both breathable and insulating. It is a natural, hollow fiber that releases any moisture and body odor quickly once it dries. Virgin wool requires less washing and drying — aka energy. The production of wool has a very low environmental impact, especially compared to the production of recycled wool, which has a very high usage of water and energy.

We also learned that wool is actually “climate beneficial” and engages in “net negative emissions.” The journal Soil and Water Conservation did a study in 2016 that found that “herds that prune the grasses promotes growth, churns soil with their hooves, and fertilizes it with their feces… the grasslands then rest, grow and suck carbon out (aka an existence of a methane-digesting bacteria) of the atmosphere as the topsoil builds up. Wool producing sheep help in this process.”

It is important to note that sheep are not killed for their wool and that our wool was sourced ethically. Sheep do not usually resist the shearing process unless they are frightened by any sudden movements. They are shorn without any existence of harm or trauma. Kind of like us buzzing our head. It is also important to note that the sheep were not mulesed!

There are very few negatives to using wool; however for the purpose of a rounded understanding, here they are: if virgin wool is mass produced it may have a negative environmental impact because the amount of feed required for sheep could put a strain on the surrounding ecosystem. The sheep can also degrade soil and cause water pollution if it is mass produced and sheep have to stay in one area. It can also lead to sheep breeders killing “pest” animals such as kangaroos in Australia (the largest maker of wool). So it’s important to know where we source and from whom.

The wool we use is ethically sourced from Europe. The wool is dyed with all pertaining procedures respecting the environment by minimizing pollution and safeguarding water resources. The dyes are non-toxic to ensure health, reducing the risk of allergies and diseases (and because duh why use toxic chemicals). Throughout the entire supply chain there is social equity and respect for fundamental rights of the workers as well as recognition of fair wages and environmental conditions. 


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