Where style is sustainable

Our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to prove that your style can, and should, be sustainable.

Your style, our promise.

We have carefully curated our collection of brands both for their style and dedication to protecting our planet and people.

We also donate 20% of our profits to eco-conscious charities.

You never have to choose between style and ethics.

Our Story

In September 2021 Daisy quit her job as a Merchandiser to pursue her dream of creating the leading platform for sustainable brands and driving real change in the fashion industry.

From personal experience, she had discovered innovative, small, sustainable brands but wanted to easily shop them all in one place.

She saw the gap in the market for a platform curating the best of fashion forward ethical brands that would help fight against common misconceptions about sustainable fashion. 

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All of our brands are passionate about sustainability. 

They must adhere to at least two of our values - one that looks after our planet, and one that looks after our people. 

Good for our planet

Made from energy generated by only natural, renewable sources.

This product is completely plastic free!

There is no net release of carbon from this product or brand.

No waste is created from this product, or the waste is upcycled into another product.

Made partly or completely from recycled materials.

This does not contain any products derived from animals and was not tested on animals.

No toxic chemicals were used in the manufacturing process.

Made in small batches to help reduce waste and overproduction.

A significant amount of water is saved during the manufacturing process compared to traditional methods.

Made from 100% natural materials. 

Low carbon emissions are created by this product and every effort is made to minimise these further.

Made by reusing existing materials.

This brand publishes environmental reports for complete transparency.

Good for people

This brand can provide proof of fair wages for everyone within their supply chain.

This brand can provide evidence of good working conditions for everyone working within their supply chain.

This brand audits their processes and supply chain at least yearly to assess areas for improvement and publishes these results with clear goals. 

This product was handmade by the designer! You know this item is made with complete love & care, just for you.

This brand fights for equal rights for all of their workers, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, race or disability.

This brand donates to a charitable cause.

This brand is purpose-driven, and was inspired to help support an environmental or social cause.

This brand has invested in the quality of life of people working within their supply chain; examples include supporting economic development, providing health care and supporting their local communities.

This brand has a material, process or standard certified. Examples include Fair Trade and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®.