4 reasons to shop small & sustainably this Christmas

4 reasons to shop small & sustainably this Christmas

Shop small this Christmas at Lofte
1. Sustainable brands ensure fair pay and good working conditions for all of their workers throughout their supply chain. Plus many small businesses hand make their products, so you know for sure they are made with care and love.

2. Sustainable brands care about their impact on the environment and do what they can to minimise any harmful effects from the production of their designs. This could be by using fabrics that use less water consumption and that are natural or recycled. They could use their waste fabric to create new items and use recycled or biodegradable packaging.
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3. You'll be supporting small brands through a difficult time. Normally 10-12% of small businesses close every year. Last year 30% closed, while Amazon's profits increased 84%*. Your purchase is helping to keep small brands going and recover from a challenging time. 

4. Your purchase will make someone's day! When you buy from a small business you are having a big impact on their business, whereas your purchase from a big company will get lost amongst thousands.
    Shopping small makes the world a happier place!
    Shop small sustainably at Lofte
    *Source: Small Business Administration and TrackTheRecovery.org

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