The World of Indah

The World of Indah

Coco Effendi is a sustainable jewellery designer for her brand The World Of INDAH and an international beauty artist who has been turning heads in the fashion industry since 2005. She is known for her creative visions and organic approach to both beauty and design. Her experiences traveling the world and her passion for sustainable design inspired her to create INDAH.

Coco Effendi The World of Indah
Entrepreneurial by nature, Effendi merged her creative passions into Purnama Style Lounge, a unique beautifying and jewellery sanctuary in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. She developed the name from her deep connectivity to the moon as Purnama translates to full moon in Sanskrit. Effendi has embellished Purnama Style Lounge with worldly accents from her global travels. Both Purnama’s & INDAH’s mission is to empower and elevate by instilling strong vibrations of her powerful energy into all her creations, which allows you to connect deeply with your higher self.
The World Of INDAH quickly gained recognition when Effendi was invited to design a collection inspired by Gianni Versace during Art Basel 2018. She was able to incorporate all of her talents in this collection and directed a three-day live art show at The Villa Casuarina, the former Versace Mansion in Miami.
The World Of INDAH is a woman owned company creating sustainable designs made from recycled metals from small villages in Indonesia.  We know how important family is so we provide children who recently graduated from school in the villages where our factories are with free training so they can have opportunities close to home and get with their families.  Creating ethical working relationships is very important to us.  At The World Of INDAH we give back in as many ways as we can by donating a proceeds of our sales to helping Indonesian families in need and helping an animal shelter in Bali called Angel Of Paws.

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