Sruti Dalmia

Sruti Dalmia

An emerging Indian designer, Sruti Dalmia (she/her) is making a name on the global front for her eponymous label that marries the best of North-East Indian and South-East Asian influences.

Sruti Dalmia dress

Born into a Bengali family in Kolkata, Dalmia is inspired by her everyday activities and her life spent across several countries – India, England, Singapore and Myanmar amongst others – to breathe life into her designs. Traditional artistry is transformed into modern-day luxuriant easy-to-wear ensembles, each sporting an inimitable story of its own. Dalmia’s collections are produced responsibly in well-regulated quantities to respect the environment and her craftsmen’s capacities and culture.

The product range is versatile: From light summer florals in delicate silhouettes, to pliant and protean winter apparel, all ensembles are introduced as capsule collections for the conscious consumer. Each collection comes from extensive research and development to bring new products previously unseen in the market with an aim to create silhouettes flattering to women of diverse backgrounds.

Sruti Dalmia Dress

Our Conscious Efforts

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with existence.” - Rabindranath Tagore

As an emerging brand, the team at Sruti Dalmia maintains that sustainability is a journey not a destination. This year, we are grateful to The British Fashion Coucil and London Fashion Week for recognising our efforts to promote positive change within the fashion industry. Supporting conscious fashion by focusing on sustainable and responsible ecological production that deploys minimum wastage from start to finish is an integral part of the foundation that we are building here.


Most fabrics employed by the brand are biodegradable and come from responsibly sourced yarns. Many employ hand-weaving techniques to deliver ensembles that stand the test of time and encourage reusage over generations. Responsibly sourced brocades and satins complement the collection and are produced in small batches.


Sruti Dalmia partners with indigenous weavers from remote destinations across India and Southeast Asian countries. All assemblages are made respecting the weavers’ time and capacity. 70 percent of these weavers are women. The brand aims to reinterpret eons of traditional handicraft to form its brand identity that is recognized as a language spoken on a global fashion front.


The pandemic’s aftermath requires everyone to pitch in. At Sruti Dalmia, we have been investing time and effort in bringing back and employing additional weavers for A/W ’21 and S/S ’22 as well as all subsequent collections.


The lifecycle of every creation is conscientiously expedited, from sourcing yarns to the final production line and even the people and teams who are associated with these processes and the brand. We ensure that our retail buyers and consumers can make their purchases guilt-free.


The brand works with two upcycling centres in India that convert any cut wastage into fresh yarns that are then reintroduced into the collections. The brand adopts a transparent supply chain to add to its journey of sustainability.


We make sure ‘Designed in India’ and ‘Make in India’ is synonymous, and we present this personal interpretation of our Indian craft and culture with a lot of love to the world.

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