Why we chose Saywood

Saywood is joyous, unique and thoughtful. Their designs are not only colourful and contemporary, but consciously designed with sustainability in mind.

Created by Harriet Saywood-Bellisario in 2020, Saywood pieces are uplifting with a delightful use of colour and playful detailing. For their first capsule collection they have focused on shirting, creating timeless designs that you can wear time and time again. 

"At the heart of our story is a desire to reconnect with the people and processes behind what we wear, and in doing so, press pause on throwaway fashion. Our collections are small, built on quality pieces with longevity in mind. We take a responsible approach, working with sustainable fabrics when possible, and local makers where possible. The upshot? Uniquely designed, thoughtfully made pieces you’ll want in your life, always." 


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