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Newt London

Why we chose Newt London

Bold, beautiful prints with innovative design. Newt London has the perfect mix of style and sustainability that we search for at löfte.

Their shirts and accessories are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, helping to protect our precious planet and oceans. They are transforming harmful plastic into luxury, beautiful products. Plus they consider their impact at every step of the process. Manufacturing in the UK, using buttons made from biodegradable nuts, recyclable packaging... they are truly inspirational.  

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of every decision made by Newt London. They have summarised their commitment to minimising their impact to seven ways:

1. They only use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles

Billions of plastic bottles are discarded every day, and Newt London is helping to divert this huge volume of plastic from our landfills and oceans. Recycled plastic uses around 65% less energy than virgin plastic to produce, so it has a much smaller carbon footprint than polyester or nylon.

"Our dream is that virgin plastic stops being manufactured altogether so that we eventually run out of recycled plastic to use in our shirts, but for now, we're reusing this waste rather than letting it go into landfill or our oceans."

The fabric is certified as Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® meaning that is 100% free of harmful substances. Their manufacturer is certified by the Global Recycle Standard, ensuring not only harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimised, but also good working conditions for their staff.

2. 100% Natural & Biodegradable Corozo Buttons

Their buttons are made from Corozo nuts, which fall naturally from the Tagua Palm tree for over 100 years. No trees are cut down to produce them. Durable, beautiful and biodegradable, these are the perfect alternative to plastic buttons.

3. Non-toxic ink

Their fabric is printed using non-toxic ink and zero-waste sublimation printing. They use digital printing which saves water and ink compared to more traditional methods of printing. 

4. Hand-cut in London

Skilled seamstresses cut and create the products in small quantities to avoid excess waste.

5. Turning fabric offcuts into beautiful products

Even the offcuts are used by Newt London to create items such as their wonderful scrunchies, helping them on their way to being zero waste.

6. Recyclable packaging

Every part of their packaging is either recyclable, made from recycled materials, or both. This includes their boxes, tissue and even their care labels!

7. Recycling everything

With the help of recycling company First Mile, they ensure that nothing goes to landfill and that everything is recycled or resold.


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