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Mindful Champs

Nima Founder Mindful Champs
Nima Patel is a psychology graduate, former primary school teacher and qualified conscious coach. Her passion is to help people become more mindful and self-aware so they can actively heal, feel a deeper connection with themselves, and accelerate their personal growth. 
Through her own personal challenges, including having lost her father very suddenly, Nima suffered from high levels of anxiety, which took a toll on her overall mental health. This led her to introspect and search deeply for more meaningful answers to the questions she had about life. 
When Nima began her own journey inward, she realised that, as vital as it is to process our feelings in a healthy way, we are not taught how to do this in school. We are simply not taught how to deal with our feelings and emotions when we go through challenging life events – something we will inevitably all go through at various points in our lives. Just like Maths and English, Nima believes emotional intelligence is a crucial skill we should be taught early on. Instead, distracting behaviours and escapism have become an unhealthy norm, which she firmly believes is not the way forward for true happiness and fulfilment. 
Nima has channelled her passion for self-development into creating products for adults and children, to help and encourage people to self-reflect, which she believes is foundational in increasing self-awareness, and as a result, creating a more meaningful relationship with ourselves, and safeguarding our mental health and well-being. 

To focus on sustainability we use recycled packaging, have created products with recyclable cards (as and where possible), don’t use plastic on our covers, and have used vegan leather on our adult journals.

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