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Lemon Face Vegan Skincare
Like my mother, I have always struggled with blemishes, blotchy spots (and the occasional pimple!) on my face. At a young age, I’ve watched her apply a homemade lemon mask and have sworn by it to help lighten her spots, deep clean pores and brighten her skin!  

Inspired by her homemade remedy, today, I have been doing the same beauty routine and want to share with you all this effective method (with my own flare!). 
Because, when life gives you lemons - wear them!    

Now onto the product - the Lemon Face Happi Mask is infused with tea tree and green tea extract, not only does it cleanse your skin and reduce pimples, this multi-tasking face mask also uses Dead Sea mineral mud to minimize pores and fine lines.

It also contains lemon peel essential oil which helps brighten the skin, to give you that Happi smile! Each pod also comes with an organic cotton cloth! 
Here at Lemon Face, we are a proud member of Ecologi, aiming to offset our CO2 emission as a company and as individuals. Our packaging is all made from recyclable material and can be reused for other purposes! 

Lemon Face Organic Natural Skincare

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