Why we chose h.huna

Brilliant craftsmanship, flawless attention to detail and a resolute commitment to slow fashion.

Established in 2019 by Siobhan Shanley, h.huna is a brand that is dedicated to timeless designs made from quality fabrics that will last you a lifetime. Inspired by her grandmother's handmade wardrobe, and rejecting the toxic world of fast fashion, Siobhan has created a beautiful capsule collection of elegant designs, sustainably sourced using UK factories.

In her own words...

"Each piece is designed with a visible story to capture the timeless simplicity with a contemporary edge, be it a high rise waist with a masculine twist inspired Marlene Dietrich, a seam free knit to create comfort and lessen yarn waste or a deadstock fabric to minimise landfill. h.huna strives to bring an awakening to slow fashion and faith in a garment's purpose to help you to identify with your individual character and to be at one with your wardrobe pieces".

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