Gemma Bishop

Gemma Bishop

Gemma Bishop hand makes incredibly beautiful accessories from high quality materials, inspired by her travels to Spain, Mauritius and the Caribbean.  

"I hand make all the unique accessories seen across my brand using the best quality materials I can get my hands on.

For me fashion should feel good as well as look good, comfort is a key feature across many of my designs. The GBL Silk Collection started with me making an original sized scrunchie in a 100% pure mulberry fabric and due to popular demand the sizes expanded too a skinny, midi, supersize version. Then shortly followed by the pillowcase, eye mask and of course the face masks. 

Silk is a miracle fabric its hypoallergenic so perfect for those sensitive skin sufferers, its a fabric that has the ability to hydrate your skin whilst you wear and sleep on. My pure silk scrunchies will not kink your hair and have the a great quality of holding your hairstyle in place. I hear from many of my customers who now use a gbl scrunchie to hold their hair up during a work out.

Gemma Bishop at Lofte

Sustainability is a topic I want to touch on and as a brand owner I want to make sure i’m doing as much as I possibly to stop and slow down throw away fashion.
Sustainable Values 
My Fabrics

I take pride in sourcing all the fabrics myself within my fashion and home collections. The materials range from natural biodegradable silk to locally sourced Tencel fabrics which are made from wood pulp that’s harvested from tree farms that are sustainably managed and traceable.

As to all my accessories are hand made I have the ability to use up every inch of the fabric I buy so there is no wastage. Pattern cutting my own designs mean I can be clever about with how I use up the last trimmings from a roll of fabric. For instance the last pieces of silk make many of my skinny scrunchies. 


I’m currently working on new packaging that will include keep sake boxes which your items will be shipped in, reducing packing waste. My aim with these boxes is that you will keep your GBL accessories in forever.

By creating handmade products in the UK my hope is that you will keep my designs for years to come, passing them down to loved ones or simply treasuring them yourself. I would like GBL designs to be apart of your lives now as well as for the next generations to come."

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