Cocoro are here to prove that period pants can make you feel empowered and beautiful. 
They have created a range of colourful designs, all made from super soft cotton, with a technical super absorbent layer hidden inside to keep you dry and comfortable.
Cocoro have also created two levels of absorbency. All of their period pants can be worn alone during your period, without any other sanitary products, but for those days when you want extra protection or have a particularly heavy flow they have designed their PLUS range to give you that extra peace of mind.
You can also wear period pants in combination with other sanitary products for extra protection.
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Can I wear them all day?

Just like with any other product for your period, the number of hours you can wear your Cocoro knickers will depend on various factors:

  • Your amount of menstrual or vaginal fluid
  • The stage of your cycle
  • How you use your Cocoro: on their own, or as a protector, combining them with a tampon or menstrual cup.

The lighter days you’ll be able to use the Cocoro knickers all day.

The heavier days, you may want to combine them with an internal product, or change them when you see it’s needed. Discover how they best adapt to your needs!

How long will they last?

The Cocoro knickers will keep their properties for about 2 years if you use them regularly for your periods, and you respect the washing instructions.

The technical material can be washed up to 60 times. From then on, it will start losing its properties. The Cocoro knickers are so comfortable and beautiful, however, that you’ll be able to keep wearing them as normal underwear for a few more years!

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Will I feel dry?

When you bleed you may feel a bit wet, but your body heat and the absorbing properties of the Cocoro knickers will make sure you feel dry again very quickly!

Will they swell, like a nappy?

No, they won’t! Forget about relating Cocoro knickers with a nappy: they aren’t similar at all. Cocoro knickers are thin, beautiful, and reusable. When the liquid is absorbed, the knickers do not increase in volume.

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