By Grace Ambrose

By Grace Ambrose

At ByGraceAmbrose, you are given the chance to channel your inner designer.

With female empowerment at its core, the brand is an ambassador for celebrating self-care and is aimed towards the modern multifaceted woman who is bold, bright and playful with her style. Whether you’re in search of some neck-candy, an affirming pick-me up or an opportunity to be a part of the supportive ByGA tribe, this brand believes you’ll find an item that speaks to your inner glow-getter.
Established in 2015, ByGraceAmbrose has been featured in Vogue & Forbes and did their first every boutique pop-up at Stylist Live. Back with a refreshed relaunch in early 2020, this brand joins a new wave of businesses moving towards the shared goal of turning the tide away from fast fashion, to sustainably and ethically produced designs.

By Grace Ambrose

The brand encourages women to embrace the three R’s of fashion:
  1. Reclaim your wardrobe.
  2. Recycle your outfits.
  3. Rejuvenate your style.

Each item is made to order, designed with sustainability in mind, packed and shipped with love and delivered in eco-friendly packaging The founder is an all-round talented visionary with a lot of heart. The brand pays homage to the DNA of our proud Nigerian heritage and growing up in the metropolitan cultural melting pot of London. Inspired by her exposure to diverse cultures and communities, the vibrancy of colours, patterns, shapes and styles, are all fused together to create the eclectic range of items in our collections.

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