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Alice Early

Why we chose her

Alice's signature style shines through her eponymous collection. Her designs are contemporary and timeless - creating that effortless, everyday style that is so difficult to emulate. Her expert craftsmanship and the quality of her 100% organic cotton or wool is clearly evident at first glance.

Each design is a perfect, stylish masterpiece.

Alice is completely committed to sustainability. From sourcing organic materials, to designing and producing her pieces locally in London; working with a small sampling studio to ensure quality and produce limited quantities to avoid excess waste.

In her own words...

Sustainable design

"My design practice is dedicated to environmentally and socially-conscious craftsmanship. Throughout my business and its supply chain I have made choices to reduce my impact on the environment.  I am committed to sourcing organic and sustainable materials, producing garments for long-term enjoyment, manufacturing them locally in London to reduce their carbon footprint and shipping them to you in recyclable packaging".

Wool, woven in England

"Wool is a 100% natural, renewable fibre that readily biodegrades at the end of its long life. Sheep grow a new fleece every year and are sheared for animal welfare purposes. All sheep within my suppliers' sustainable sourcing programme are free range, giving them plenty of grasslands to roam in, and are pasture fed, ensuring no food containing chemicals are ingested. Every farmer has an enforced animal welfare code they must adhere to and this ethical caring of the sheep follows through into the quality of the wool which is produced. The wool is scoured using only eco-friendly detergents, with zero bleach added to enhance the colour. The wool is woven in Yorkshire in one of the last remaining fully vertical woollen mills in Great Britain. A 100% natural, renewable and luxurious, warm fibre".

Why organic cotton?

"The farming of conventional cotton uses approximately 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of all pesticides produced. These pesticides are strong toxic chemical compounds which are subsequently released into the environment. They have a devastating effect on local ecosystems and are detrimental to the health of the farmers who work with them. Organic farming is achieved without the use of pesticides. Through crop rotations and companion planting soil fertility is built naturally, locking in CO2 into the soil. Organic farming practices help mitigate climate change and enhance biodiversity, preserving the entire ecosystem".

GOTS certified organic cotton

"My cottons carry the GOTS (Global organic textile standard) certification and are grown from non-genetically modified seeds. The certification standard covers all aspects of textile production, from the harvesting of raw materials through to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing. My GOTS certified organic cottons are grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers or toxic pesticides making them safer for the cotton farmers to work and protecting the soil and the surrounding environment from contamination. GOTS certified cotton must also meet social criteria based on International Labor Organisation (ILO) conventions, which cover rules on child labour, working hours and working conditions, minimum wages, discrimination and more".

Responsibly sourced, sustainable components

"I use Corozo buttons on all my garments instead of the commonly used plastics. Corozo, also known as ‘vegetable ivory’, is derived from the nut of the Tagua Palm found in the Ecuadorian rainforest among other places. No mechanical harvesting is required as the nut falls naturally to earth when ripe. This valuable crop helps protect the rainforests in Ecuador from deforestation and are maintained so the palm can continue to grow and produce nuts for years to come. Corozo buttons are hard wearing and with a unique grain, providing a sustainable and beautiful alternative to polyester".

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