Why we chose AEIBE

We chose AEIBE for their stunning designs, innovative nature and commitment to a more sustainable fashion industry.

Their masks are luxurious, beautiful, and carefully designed to provide both comfort and protection; featuring both a soft nose clip and the latest in filter technology. 

Founded in 2018, AEIBE is a British luxury fashion house founded by husband and wife Tim Biddulph and Ara Youn. Their value of craftsmanship is obvious in their impressive designs and their hopes for a healthier fashion eco system are clear; they ethically source the best materials in the market and work with small yet highly skilled British manufacturers.

We are so proud to represent AEIBE and are incredibly excited to see their future fashion collections. 

In their own words...

"This year our collections are all about face masks. Why? Here is the story.
We were very much ready to share our new Spring collection with you and were waiting for fabric from a beautiful Italian textile company, however the global situation challenged us all. The fabrics for our new collection couldn’t depart Italy and our factories were all closed, so we had to decide what to do.
We put our heads together for days and asked ourselves how to solve this situation and help others. We wanted to encourage people to stay positive, jolly and safe in a difficult time. 
We sourced finest Liberty London fabric to cheer everyone up, safe certified lining cotton and the much needed mask filter from South Korea. We put great effort into designing our own mask pattern that aims to fit everybody while not looking strange. 
All AEIBE face masks are made in England with care.
So, here we are. Stay safe".



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